As a small team of dedicated developers, we're always open to fresh talent joining our cause. These are not a paid positions! While we're hard at work making this world a reality, at this time we are not in a position to offer full-time roles. However, if you are excited about the project and want to join in making this game, please get in touch! Together we can make something truly great. Head on over to Discord and lets have a chat!

Gameplay programmers are responsible for building core game mechanics, implementing features, and building out game systems. One week you may be helping build out a more fluid combat system while the next you may be investingating performance issues with ragdolls. You should have experience working with C++, familiarity with game engines, and a passion for real time strategy games.

Environment artists are responsible for creating and building out a rich environment to play in. With Last Kingdom, we work on various biomes and assets to bring our medieval world to life. You'll work on Desert, Snow, and Woodland environments and bring them all together with their unique resources. We work with both paid and free software, so having a good understanding of modelling and environmental design are important for this role.

Level designers are responsible for building out the world itself. Plan areas, ravines, cliffs, and mountains to give our players a diverse and challenging world to interact with. Experience with level design, blocking out layouts, and working within world building software is important for this role.

What's needed, m'lord? As a character artist you will design and build armor, weapons, tools, and clothes for the diverse units you'll find in Last Kingdom. From peasant to knight, you should have an eye for fashion and be able to build out modular items to make up a full loadout.

An audio designer is responsible for creating and mixing audio for all the different aspects of the medieval world. From sword hits to peasant quips, and everything inbetween. If you've worked with audio, recording, and mixing then this would be the role for you!

Behind our game is a web of servers dedicated to tracking players, inventories, and progress. As a web developer you would build out and connect these systems, so if you have experience with web development please consider applying to contribute!

While there will never be a point at which we won't talk directly with the community, having a community manager to interface with the community ensures two things. One, that the community is heard and their feedback is taken into account. Two, that our developers can focus on what they do best. Developing. If you have a passion for history and strategy games, consider helping out by becoming a community manager!